Instant Black Streak Remover 22 oz.

Product Number: #71622
Pack: Cs of 6 - 22 oz
Description: The worlds best cleaner. Instantly Removes Black Streaks so common on boats from water run off
Options: N/A
Features: The product has a unique cleaning system that works by chelation. It breaks downs natural mineral and dirt without harsh chemicals.
Remarks: Can be used for 100's of cleaning requirements around the boat or house. Excellent for cleaning shower or bath tub scrum
MSDS Info: N/A
What's New Info: N/A
Where To Buy: Click here to locate a dealer nearyou who carries this product

Also Available:

#71600 - Cs of 4 - 1 Gallon
#71664 - Cs of 6 - 64 oz

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