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This is a wiki aimed at allowing individuals from the luxury yachting industry to share thier knowledge on all aspects of yachting work and life- from product application to finding suppliers, or booking restaraunts.

Luxury Yachting WikiEdit

Many of us in the yachting industry have information to share, a great deal of what is learned is only available through word of mouth. This wiki hopes to provide a medium for sharing relevant information, primarily based upon the actual facts of working on yachts, but also to facillitate discussion on best practice. The purpose is NOT to gossip or defame.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Clinazur teak cleaner
    created by Verdomde
    New page: 222 is a liquid teak cleaner, which cleanses rapidly and deeply, all bridges in teak or other exotic woods before application of Clin’Azur 201....
  • edit Starbrite Black Streak Remover
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
  • new page Starbrite Black Streak Remover
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Add a photo [1][2][3][4][5][6] [7][8][9][10][11][12] Catalog ' > Marine > Cleaners - Washes Marine > Black...
    Summary: from starbrite's ctalogue
  • new page List of yacht manufacturers and shipyards
    created by Verdomde
    New page: Contents 1 List of shipbuilders and shipyards 1.1 Contents 1.2 [edit] Asia 1.2.1 [edit] Bangladesh 1.2.2 [edit] China [edit] Hong Kong ...
    Summary: List of yacht manufacturers and shipyards
  • new page Feadship
    created by Verdomde
    New page: Contents 1 Feadship 1.1 Contents 1.2 [edit] History 1.3 [edit] Additional information 1.4 [edit] List of yachts 1.5 [edit] See also 1.6 [edit]...
    Summary: Feadship, yacht manufacturer
  • new page Yacht Tenders
    created by Verdomde
    New page: Luxury yacht tenderEdit From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[1][2]A classic Hacker-Craft, tender to "Christina"- Aristotle Onassis's super-yachtA...
    Summary: Yacht Tenders
    Added category: General
  • new page List of superyachts by length
    created by Verdomde
    New page: Contents 1 List of motor yachts by length 1.1 Contents 1.2 [edit] Table 1.3 [edit] See also 1.4 [edit] References List of motor yachts by...
    Summary: A list of various superyachts, sorted for lenght.
    Added category: General wiki templates
  • new page Yachting
    created by Verdomde
    New page: A yacht at anchorAdded by Verdomde Definition courtesy of wikipedia The term luxury yacht, “Superyacht” and "Large Yacht" refers to very expensive,...
    Summary: the yachting article from wikipedia- needs changed asap
    Added photo:
  • edit Worldyachting Wiki
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    Edited the section: Luxury Yachting Wiki
    Summary: Intro
  • edit Worldyachting Wiki
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